Staying sober after retirement

This is hard to talk about, but not at all uncommon I am sure.  I’m still adjusting to being retired, and as a recovering alcoholic I find myself particularly afraid of a slip now, since I have more free time.  My AA group is a great support and from them I know that my situation and fears are far from unusual.  In fact, many people develop problems with alcohol for the first time once they retire – there are a few of these people in my group.  (And by the way, Annamarie is not my real name – AA is founded on the principle of anonymity. )

So I am grateful that I have already been sober for three years, and have a pretty firm grasp of the program and what I need to do when I feel vulnerable.  I am hoping that by being open about my illness on this forum I can find and learn from others facing the same struggles.

Does anybody out there want to share their own experiences with alcoholism or talk about someone they love who is suffering?


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