Living Arrangements

Where are you living?  Are you in a house you own, an apartment, perhaps a senior building of some sort?  Or are you evaluating your best choice for when you do retire?  Let’s share information, questions, and ideas to see if we can help each other make the most of our choices.

Molly Moderator finds herself in a senior apartment building, selected when illness dictated the choices available.  A year later, I can report that I’ve grown to care very much about my community and believe that this is the right place for me.  While my health is now improved enough to allow me to live almost anywhere, it is comforting to know that as I age this perch will still offer me comfort, safety, and ease of daily life.  My smart older sis calls it “aging in place”.  I call it security and a launchpad for adventures.

What’s your situation? Or what questions might you have for other boomers?



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