Restaurant – Casper Fry’s

Tried a new restaurant, Casper Fry’s, in the Perry District last night. Interesting place – very urban interior but down-home comfort food for cuisine. Not much to my taste, but I think people craving things like very gooey butter beans, mac and cheese, and pulled pork might like it. There is also a poor boy shrimp sandwich that looked good. And, it is wonderful to see the Perry District humming with new tenants and lots of peeps who were there to enjoy the Thursday Perry Farmer’s Market!

Hi, I’m Frank

Well, Molly Moderator thinks I have something to add here, so I’ll give it a shot.  I am 63 years old, so I guess that makes me a boomer.  Or is it Boomer?  Anyway, I live in Post Falls and have been in this area most of my life.  I retired early, due to a disability, at 55 so I’ve gotten pretty good at taking it easy.  I guess I am here to see what other people are doing to keep busy and stay out of trouble – I’ll admit I have been spending more time down at the bar lately than my wife would like. 🙂  Seriously, what’s a guy supposed to do?  Watching soap operas isn’t my thing, and CNN makes me crazy.  I play some games on the Internet but that gets old, too.

Guess it is time to get a new hobby.  Any ideas?